As the story goes, the star of a popular pirate play — The Fearsome Pirate Frank — is the teenage heartthrob of every girl in Shakespearean England, even though he can’t remember his lines for the life of him!  However, when the actor playing Frank and his supporting cast, including prima donna Esmerelda, get kidnapped by real pirates during one of their productions, it’s good-bye stardom, hello servitude on a real pirate ship!

Rehearsal Information:

Director: Johanna Jaquith

Location:  Lone Tree Elementary (DCSD) Music Room

Day/Time:  Fridays from 4:30-6:30pm
Dates:  10/4 – 12/13 (skip 10/18, 11/22 & 11/29)

Dress Rehearsal & Performance Information

Location:  Rock Canyon High School Auditorium
Dress Rehearsal on Monday, 12/16 from 4:00pm-6:00pm

Show #1 on Monday, 12/16 at 6:30pm
Show #2 on Wednesday, 12/18 at 6:30pm (5:30pm call time)


Narrator 1: Sarah Appel

Narrator 2: Kristen Eisenrich

Frank: Stefan Blomquist

Esmerelda: Kaleigh Switzer

Mr. Smee: Isabelle Simpson

Pirate Actors: 1&4: Brock Telkamp

    2&5: Allison Johnson

         3&6: Cullen Kayser-Cochran

Cap’n Frank: Adelaide Hogan

Betty Bones: Keisha Roberts

One Eyed Joan: Piper Davis

Hilary Hook: Bella Smith

Gimpy Gert: Lucy Kovack

Little Nell: Ella Crabb

Old Tilly Tar: Ciann Houston

Cap’n Ben Davies/ Director: Alexander Khatynchan

TC Pirate 1&4/ Spiderman/ Vita Lu Pirate: Claire Peters

TC Pirate 2&5/ Nascar Driver/ Vita Lu Pirate #4: Lucy Cowan

TC Pirate 3/ Albatross/ Vita Lu Pirate: Lexi Lezama

Girl 1/ Villager (2&8)/ Siren 1/ Nightmare Sailor: Gisele Seaborn

Girl 2/ Villager (3&9)/ Siren 2/ Nightmare Sailor: Zoe Handlin

Girl 3/ Villager (4&10)/ Siren 3/ Nightmare Sailor: Keira Long

Vita Lu Pirate (1,7 & 10)/ Villager (5 &11)/ Nightmare Sailor: Matson Tompkins

Vita Lu Pirate (2,5,8 & 11)/ Villager (6&12)/ Nightmare Sailor: Alex Porter

Vita Lu Pirate (3,6,9 &12)/ Villager (1&7)/ Nightmare Sailor: Preston Jaggers