“I was an incredibly shy kid who did not want to talk to new kids on the playground, let alone stand in the spotlight. KidStage changed all of that. Starting early in elementary school, learning to act and have fun on stage built confidence in me that would fuel my success for the rest of my life. The ability to speak in-front of others, to adapt how I communicate based on my audience and the “role” I am playing, and just learning to have fun and thrive off an audience have direct implications in my career. I use these skills all the time when I have presented at scientific conferences, when I interviewed for college and then medical school, and when I have run successful campaigns for elected positions in various organizations. These skills also show-up in a more intimate and healing space, when I speak with patients and build a connection with them to figure out what is wrong and how our healthcare team can help them. It is so rare in life to be able to point to a single experience or event that shaped ones life, but I can definitely say KidStage was that experience for me. I would not be where I am today, an M.D.-Ph.D. candidate and Ivy League alumnus, if it were not for the skills I learned from KidStage and the confidence it built in me.” – Drayton H.

“My daughter has been working so hard her entire time in elementary school to overcome some severe speech and memory delays. KidStage has given her a playground to showcase what she can do and I think she is pretty surprised by what she can do! Her confidence is up, there’s a light shining from her and she has a smile that is full of pride. I also just had a conversation with one of her teachers this morning, he believes that KidStage is going to have a tremendously positive impact on her! I am so grateful for this program!” – Kim Z.

“My daughter really enjoys everything about KidStage: the audition, the rehearsals, the friends she has made and the final show.  All of the Directors have been great. Your program does a great job of letting our kids shine at something we might not have known they were good at.  Thanks for continuing to offer it.”   – Lisa W.

“Thank you for helping to make our daughter feel comfortable and confident!  I was so impressed by all of the sweet and thoughtful things you said to the kids after the performance.  It really was so touching.  Those kids are all so lucky to have had you in their lives.  Kids hearing such positive and kind things from another adult who isn’t a family member or close friend is really special.”   – Sarah J.

“We just wanted to thank you so much for putting on an AMAZING show!  Our daughter loved this so much, and you are truly so good at what you do! What a gift you are to kids!!  Thank you again!”  – Danielle K.

“We love KidStage!  My daughter has grown so much and has become so comfortable and confident on stage.  She has loved every minute of her nine different shows with KidStage!!!  My son is growing and learning so much now as well.  I can’t say enough good things about KidStage!  It’s awesome!”  – Mara H.

“I appreciate everyone’s time and great attitudes in bringing the kids and show together. The show was great, and my daughter wants to participate at the next opportunity.” – Nancy I.

“My son had such a wonderful experience, and asked after the last production: “Mom, when can I do KidStage again?” I was thrilled because in the beginning, he was SO TERRIFIED of the idea of getting up on stage and speaking to such a large group of people.  He overcame that fear, and I am forever grateful!”  – Calisse W.

“I have to tell you, that KidStage is one of my favorite things about moving to Colorado a year and a half ago.  I was looking for something to get my girls acclimated with their new surroundings, meeting new people, learning new things, and building the confidence that my husband and I so desire as we raise young women.  This organization and the people behind it are one of a kind, and nothing short of amazing.  Please know that I have held every director in the very highest regard, and we are so thankful for them dedicating their time and talents to teach our young children.  I sincerely wouldn’t change anything !”   – Lora B.

“My daughter had the best time ever!  She is always someone to enjoy being on the stage and she had so much fun.  I hope she can do it with KidStage again!”  – Brigitte C.

“The girls both love KidStage. The instructor has fun with them while teaching them skills and is always very positive and gives them lots of support. They both give KidStage a 10!”  – Rachel B.

“I just want to say that this was our first experience with KidStage and we were completely blown away by the whole program.  My children gained so much experience, confidence and had tons of fun.  Amanda was an amazing leader, super caring, and provided a safe environment for the kids to experiment.  Can’t thank Amanda enough.  We are definitely going to do this program next year!”  – Alison J.

“Our reading improves first of all. It is a special time between my son and I to read lines and talk about the characters. I love to listen to my son talk about how much he loves being a part of the theatre. This quality time together is invaluable and has made a positive difference in our relationship. KidStage makes my son feel good about himself (he struggles in academics and sports). “Acting” for my son has built his self-esteem and he can always reflect upon how he made that happen not anyone else. He has learned responsibility, taken risks with his character, social skills, and so much more.” – G.N.