Thank you for your interest in the KidStage® opportunity. KidStage® is offering unique and fun-filled Business Opportunites. Our opportunity can be a home-based business in which you offer KidStage® classes which actually take place in your local schools, lpark and recreation centers,  boys and girls clubs, YMCA’s etc. No high costs of leasing or purchasing space. You will find KidStage® a profitable and high-demand business.

KidStage® is a complete “Performing Arts Learning Center” using ordinary classrooms, meeting rooms as our “theatre” in which we teach children self-expression and creativity, as well as give them confidence through their participation in theatrical productions. With overcrowded schools, over-worked teachers and tight school budgets, the extra time and effort needed to help students is practically non-existent. KidStage® was formed specifically to solve this growing problem. We have spent over 17 years developing solutions to assist in helping children.

The success of our KidStage programs has propelled us to the point that we are now offering KIDSTAGE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES in any area around the world . We are seeking creative, enthusiastic individuals interested in establishing a successful business while at the same time making a positive difference in the lives of children. Most importantly, theatre experience is not necessary!

Complete the application below today! Fill out a  Consideration Request Form


This application does not commit you to becoming a KidStage Owner. It merely gives both you and us a starting point to determine if our opportunity is right for you.Or contact by email: or call: (920) 915-0044


Consistent and outstanding service relies on selecting the right owner for each area, and equipping them with extensive training and ongoing support. To ensure your success and to maintain the integrity of our program, We:

  • Train you to be a successful KidStage® instructor and production director.
  • Provide you with instruction, curriculum and production materials on all areas of operations, from a thorough review of the operations manual.
  • Guide you through the processes of hiring and managing staff, securing local advertising and promotional tools, accounting procedures, and delivering our commitment to students.

Our Operations Group will also be available to guide you through those first critical weeks of business.


We want owning a KidStage Business a successful venture for you and for us. We recognize that support is essential. For this reason, we offer:

  • Convenient e-mail address for you to use any time, day or night.
  • Website space for your classes and registration information.
  • Monthly conferences via telephone for the first six months of operating your new business will insure your success.
  • On-site visit by arrangement.


You’ll have access to:

  • KidStage’s resources to assist you in coordinating the marketing efforts.
  • Ongoing marketing support to assist in driving new students to you.
  • Promotional materials which build upon KidStage’s name equity and experience, while highlighting special offers such as feature lessons and workshops and parent discussions.
  • Our marketing department is available to you by e-mail or phone call.


As a KidStage® Owner, you are entitled to use the well-known KidStage®

  • Trademarks.
  • Design.
  • Operating procedures and curriculum.
  • These tools assure you of credibility from the moment you join us!


The KidStage Business…

  • Has a low entry fee of $8,500 enabling you to quickly recoup your investment.
  • Enables you to have the freedom of being your own boss.
  • Gives you the opportunity to operate a profitable business from your own home.
  • Provides you with the tools you need to be successful.
  • Financing available.


Operating a KidStage® …

  • Is personally exciting and professionally rewarding.
  • Provides you with the tools to enhance the lives of hundreds of children.
  • Gives you a creative outlet.
  • Creates an opportunity for you to become a community leader.